Buffalo River Outfitters – Renting From Us

Are you planning a trip to the Buffalo National River? We would be delighted if you allowed us to host your next river adventure! From cabins to canoes to vehicle shuttling, we will go above and beyond to make sure your trip to the Buffalo National Park is as safe and easy as it can be. Here are a few things to expect when renting from Buffalo River Outfitters.

Buffalo National River

On the Phone:

Give us a call! The friendly staff at Buffalo River Outfitters is standing by to answer your questions. We will suggest river trips or cabins for your specific needs, and also provide information on the river levels, weather conditions and nearby attractions. We will do our utmost to answer every question you might have. If we don’t have an immediate answer than we will direct you to someone who can assist you further.

You can always make reservations with us over the phone. We will ask you what days you would like to come see us, what trip you would like to do on the Buffalo River, and/or which cabin you would like to reserve. We will make your reservation in our system, and take some information such as name, phone number, email and billing address. Our policies dictate that we must take full payment at the time of reservation. We will notify you of our cancellation policy, and send you a confirmation email with additional information and a confirmation number.

On the Web:

You can also find tons of information on our website and making reservations from there is easy, as well. Just click the blue “Book Now” button, and follow the steps to check availability and make reservations.

Buffalo River Outfitters

In the Buffalo River Outfitters Store:

We always do suggest making reservations for your floating or lodging needs, but if you decide to risk walking in, we will be happy to accommodate you as far as our availability allows.

At the counter, we will walk you through the steps of filling out your paperwork. If needed, we will go over a map with you. We do our best to make sure you understand exactly what to expect on the river. We can also give you instructions for boarding a shuttle to the Buffalo National River.

On the River:

Once you have boarded a shuttle, you will be transported to your pre-determined put-in location. The driver and sometimes an extra boat hand will unload your vessel. They will also make sure you have a properly fitting life jacket, and give you your paddles and a mesh trash bag as required by Arkansas Law. The driver can give you last-minute instructions if needed. Soon you will be safely on your way down the river. There will be drivers waiting to shuttle you back to your vehicle at the end of your trip, so relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

We are happy that you have considered us for your vacation! We hope that you have a safe and enjoyable trip on the Buffalo National River!