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Cold Weather Paddling

Chilly CanoeMarch is very special to us here at Buffalo River Outfitters as it marks the beginning of our 2019 floating season! The water levels are marvelous for day or overnight floats already, making us so optimistic for amazing conditions to come all year! If you are looking for a great Spring Break excursion, look no further. You’ve found an amazing adventure just waiting to be experienced here at the Buffalo National River. And the best time of year is now if you are looking for faster water and wanting to avoid too many fellow floaters.

Sometimes the weather stays chilly well into April, so it’s best to come prepared. If you are coming early in the year to experience what the Buffalo has to offer, be advised that the river will stay icy cold (below 50 degrees) until late April or early May. Be ready with towels, a change of clothes, and make sure your phone is in a waterproof container and fully charged in case any emergency calls need to be made.

What to wear?

So what should you wear on your early-season excursion? You will want to select light, comfortable, moisture-wicking clothes. Not cotton. Cotton collects and holds moisture against your skin, and is a bulky, useless layer otherwise. Don’t over-layer and make sure none of your clothing is tight or restricting circulation, specifically socks. Neoprene, wool, and synthetic fabrics are best when layering for a chilly day on the Buffalo.

What to bring?

Bringing along snacks and a thermos of something warm is always a good idea. Granola bars, bananas, cheese, peanut butter, or anything filling and nutrient-rich is a great way to stay warm and energized on your journey. While coffee is a common and easy choice for thermos fillings, consider maybe bringing something a little more hydrating, such as tea, warm water, or even bone broth.

When packing for your cold weather trip, even if you are going for just a few hours, think about bringing an emergency fire kit. Spring in the Ozarks comes with plenty of soggy weather, so bringing along dry kindling that will catch fire quickly could be a life-saver. Weather-proof matches, fire starting devices, or flares are always handy if you are needing to create warmth quickly.

What to know?

Stay informed. Even if the weather seems mild, the water may still be dangerously cold, so check the conditions and dress/pack accordingly. Preparedness could be the difference between the best adventure ever and a rescue mission. Know the river level and it’s meaning, and check the weather forecast before you go. Additionally, it may be difficult for Buffalo River Outfitters or the National Park Service to get down to remote parts of the river. Knowing where you are and what landmarks are nearby can make all the difference if someone needs help.

Click here to check the Buffalo River levels at the Highway 65 Bridge in St. Joe, Arkansas.

Spring is a beautiful time of the year to experience the Buffalo River, but Mother Nature demands respect. We can help you plan your trip, inform you on upcoming weather, and update you on river conditions – just give us a call at 870-439-2200 any day between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm CT.

We are here to help you find your next adventure!!

Top Ten Things To Do in Buffalo River Country This Spring Break

Warmer weather is so close, we can almost taste it. Seeing Buffalo River Country dressed in spring is something you’ll want to put on your bucket list for Spring Break 2019. From the gorgeous river itself, to the surrounding nature and community, there is something for everyone nestled right here in Searcy County. Here are just a few ideas:

1. Go hiking.

spring at the buffalo

Cooler weather is great for hiking, and spring brings flowers and stunning scenery to the Buffalo National River! Tyler Bend is tangled with so many hikes, whether you are looking for a quick, easy outing or an all-day trek. Featuring thought-provoking historical sites and adrenaline-pumping river overlooks, adventure is waiting for you right here in the gorgeous Middle District.

Hike to your instagram dreams here.

2. Take in a show.

Did you know that Searcy County is home to Arkansas’ only year-round Drive-in movie theater? The Kenda Drive-In is a community cornerstone and to this day is run by the same family that opened it 45 years ago. Nothing ends a perfect day of exploring or relaxing quite like a movie under the beautiful night sky. A full concession stand with very reasonably-priced snacks and food options makes this a must-do in Buffalo River Country.

Click here to find out more about the Kenda Drive-In.

3. Go riding.

Horseback riding is a long-standing tradition all along the Buffalo River. And no better opportunity can be found other than right here in our district. With over 75 miles of equestrian designated trails, and drive-in horse campsites at Woolum, Steel Creek, Erbie and Hathaway, the Buffalo River is the perfect getaway for you and your saddled friend.

Find your next trail ride here.

4. Go camping.

Once the weather becomes agreeable, camping opportunities are endless on and around the Buffalo River. Ready to rough it? Plenty of rocky riverbank is ready for you to call home. Want to go a little austere but still have a bathroom within reach? Tyler Bend Campground provides showers, flush toilets, water and picnic tables on and around their designated pay campsites.

Click here to find camping on the Buffalo National River.

5. Go floating.

Did you know that spring is the only time to catch the water of the Buffalo dancing in sparkling blue-green? With the springs running out of the rocks cold and fresh, the lime contained deep within the stone stirs a jeweled tone into the Buffalo National River, making it a breathtaking sight absolutely not to be missed.

Find out more about floating the Buffalo here.

6. Get coffee and go picking.

Want to take it slow and shop a while? With so, so many shops located in Marshall and Leslie (just 10-20 minutes from the river), drop in and grab an iced coffee at Rock ‘n’ Java on the hill in Marshall and make it a day out with your best picker buddies.

Click here to learn more about Rock n Java.

7. Indulge at Furgeson’s.

Start your day the decadent way with a massive, delicious cinnamon roll from Ferguson’s, located right on Highway 65, just a hop, skip and jump from the river. Nothing says “today is gonna be a good day” than a cup of hot coffee and a sticky, soft cinnamon roll. Don’t take our word for it.

Find out more about Ferguson’s Restaurant here.

8. Cozy up to a fire.

However much we wish the warmer days would hurry up already, sometimes the chill just hangs on. Beat the biting weather by grabbing the people you love and cozying up around a beautiful stone fireplace in one of our Buffalo River Cabins. Spring is so spectacular here in Buffalo River Country, you can’t see it all in one day. A cabin nestled in the woods is the best home base for all of your Spring Break outings.

Find out more about Buffalo River Cabins here.

9. Find a waterfall.

Now, now, now is the time to see all of the waterfalls you’ve been dreaming about! With spring rains in full swing and more on the way, don’t wait any longer! Did you know that the tallest waterfall between the Rocky Mountains and the Adirondacks can be found on the Buffalo River at Hemmed-in Hollow? And Spring is the only time to experience it at it’s best, so don’t wait.

Find your waterfall here.

10. Get your fill.

End the day with southern charm and comfort food – both are served up in heaping helpings at Big Springs Trading Co. Here you will find a smoked meat deli, a full bbq menu, provisions, gifts, and Arkansas-style hospitality. This charming, tastefully styled building is home to some of the best food found anywhere on the Buffalo National River, so whether you are packing a picnic basket or meeting up to discuss the day’s adventures, be right at home and filled to the brim at Big Springs.

Find out more about Big Springs Trading Co. here.

Spring Break is one of the very best times to experience life bursting back into the Buffalo River. And here in river country, it’s the beautiful prelude to summer that not a lot of people know about. Make your spring getaway memorable by spending here in gorgeous Buffalo River Country.

What are you waiting for? Plan your spring break escape now!