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Fresh, Elevated Water Levels in August

Hello, happy paddlers!

We have received some rain here in Buffalo River Country, and you know what that means. The water levels are set to rise in our district in the next few days. The slow, warm water will be flushed out and late-summer floating opportunities will be renewed! That means grab your family, partner, dog, or very well trained cat and get down to the Buffalo to experience conditions not often enjoyed in August.

We have only a few boats available for Saturday 8/9/19 as of this writing, so make your reservations soon. If you would like to skip the small chance for showers, Sunday or Monday are looking clear and sunny. The weather for those days is set to be quite warm, so you will want to refer to our blog post on floating in the heat, and pack those sunhats and sunscreen and plenty of water.

Check that blog post out here. 

Why are we excited about floating on the Buffalo in the late summer season? You will get more of the river to yourself as the school-age crowds have thinned out. The water is great for swimming and not as nippy as it is in spring and early summer! So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to reserve your canoe or kayak, and get down to the Buffalo to enjoy the water and the weather.

Call us at 870-439-2200 any time between 8-7 any day of the week. 

Happy paddling!


These Hazy Days on the Buffalo

Late summer settles down like a hazy veil upon the deep green waters of the river. The bugs shrill louder as if in protest of the heavy heat, and minnows dart in the ample shallows along the gravel. This part of the season slows everything to a peaceful pace, not only the river but the bustle around it. With most schools back in and the official rush of summer over, these elements come together to provide the perfect getaway opportunity. 

With the crowds waning, why not grab your favorite paddling partner and make your way to America’s First National River? Here, history and nature hold hands as they make their way along the Buffalo National River corridor. If you are looking for an easy, relaxing float that allows for you to take your time and enjoy the spirit of the river, now is the time. 

The river is not alone when you are counting the best parts of this slice of the Ozarks. The tangle of trails nearby range from beginner to more challenging jaunts, with historic sites and river overlooks dotted along them. Don’t even worry about packing lunch, because the nearby Coursey’s and Big Springs Trading Company both specialize in meals that fit perfectly in your lunch cooler to take with you. 

If you are the type to shed this late summer weather, then explore the nearby antique and junk stores. Go picking, iced coffee in hand (courtesy of Rock N Java on the hill), and find something to call a souvenir. 

Whether we are lucky enough to be your destination, or you are just passing through, Searcy County is full of things to see and things to do. Don’t know where to start? Pick up the phone and give us a call. We are here and eager to help you fill your days with nature, fun, and lasting memories. 

Make your escape.