Shuttle Prices: Our Equipment, Our Bus

 From Ponca to:    From Ozark/Pruitt to:  
 Carver $180  Carver $170
 Mt. Hersey $195  Mt. Hersey $185
 Woolum $158  Woolum $148
 Baker Ford $147  Baker Ford $137
 Tyler Bend $105  Tyler Bend $95
 Grinder's Ferry $105  Grinder's Ferry $95
 Gilbert $105  Gilbert $95
 S. Maumee $173  S. Maumee $163
 Dillard's Ferry $194  Dillard's Ferry $184
 Rush $205  Rush $195
 Cartney $242  Cartney $232
 Buffalo City $253  Buffalo City $243
 Norfork $285  Norfork $275


 From Carver/Hasty to:    From Mt. Hersey to:  
 Mt. Hersey $165  Woolum $143
 Woolum $128  Baker Ford $132
 Baker Ford $117  Tyler Bend $90
 Tyler Bend $75  Grinder's Ferry $90
 Grinder's Ferry $75  Gilbert $90
 Gilbert $75  S. Maumee $158
 S. Maumee $143  Dillard's Ferry $179
 Dillard's Ferry $164  Rush $190
 Rush $175  Cartney $227
 Cartney $212  Buffalo City $238
 Buffalo City $223  Norfork $270
 Norfork $255    


 From Woolum to:    From Gilbert to:  
 Baker Ford $95  S. Maumee $68
 Tyler Bend $53  Dillards's Ferry $89
 Grinder's Ferry $53  Rush $100
 Gilbert $53  Cartney $137
 S. Maumee $121  Buffalo City $148
 Dillard's Ferry $142  Norfork $180
 Rush $153    
 Cartney $190    
 Buffalo City $201    
 Norfork $233    


 From Baker Ford to:    From Tyler Bend to:  
 Tyler Bend $10.00/person  Grinder's Ferry $10.00/person
 Grinder's Ferry $10.00/person  Gilbert $10.00/person
 Gilbert $10.00/person  S. Maumee $68
 S. Maumee $110  Dillard's Ferry $89
 Dillard's Ferry $131  Rush $100
 Rush $142  Cartney $137
 Cartney $179  Buffalo City $148
 Buffalo City $190  Norfork $180
 Norfork $222    


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Water Levels

  • Flood stage
  • High
  • moderate
  • low
  • Very Low


1.60 FT

St. Joe

3.83 FT
  • Very Low: The river is dry in places.
  • Low: Water is low but floatable. The river moves slowly and many rocks are exposed.
  • Moderate: Ample water for floating. The river moves at an average of 2 mph, allowing canoes to float over most rocks.
  • High: For experienced floaters only. The river flows swiftly and compromising situations may occur. Canoeing experience on swift moving rivers is necessary. All canoeists must possess good river canoeing skills and must be familiar with rescue procedures.
  • Flood Level: The river flows outside its normal banks. Flood waters move quickly and carry debris. River conditions are hazardous even for highly skilled canoeists.