Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your store located?

We are located on Hwy 65 approximately 6 miles south of St. Joe AR. in Silver Hill. 1.1 miles south of the Buffalo National River Bridge.

How far are the cabins from the store?

There is one cabin located directly across highway 65 from our parking lot, the rest of the cabins are spread out down Blue Ribbon Road for about a mile.

Where are your cabins located?

Our Cabins are located across highway 65 from our main office on Blue Ribbon Road.

What is the closet city to your location?

We are located two hours north of Conway, AR on HWY 65 and about 40 minutes south of Harrison, AR. Marshall, AR is located 8 miles south of us, there you can find a grocery store and convenience stores with fuel.

What amenities are provided in the cabins?

Charcoal grill, refrigerator, televisions with DVD players, all linens, fireplace, heat and A/C

What are Cabin Check-in / Check-Out times?

Cabin Check in is anytime after 3 pm. - Check Out is anytime before 11 am

How will I check in to my cabin if I arrive after hours?

There is a message board in front of our main office that will have check in instructions and the map to the cabin.

Where can I buy gas and groceries?

Harp’s in Marshall is the closest grocery store it is located 8 miles south; there are also several gas stations there.

Are there any restaurants located nearby?

Yes: Big Springs Smoke House, Fergusons Country Restaurant, Las Azteca’s and Coursey’s Smoked Meats and Cheeses.

What types of supplies are available to buy in the store?

We offer drinks and snacks, as well as t-shirts, water shoes, dry boxes and dry bags, sunscreen, and sunglasses just to name a few.

What should I know about a river trip?

Be sure you are aware of current water levels and conditions. Very important to be familiar with the Arkansas Waterway Laws!

What should I bring on my first float trip?

Be sure to wear weather appropriate clothing, dry bags are always a plus to keep gear you do not want wet in, sandals or old tennis shoes are always preferred over flip flops or shoes that could be easily swept off feet, a cooler with plenty of water and snacks, river towels, and sunscreen.

What should I bring for camping overnight?

Sleeping bags/ hammocks, cooler with food and drinks, tent, dry clothes/ weather appropriate clothing, dry bag to store anything that you do not want wet it, sunscreen and a first aid kit.

What is the difference between a beginner, intermediate, advanced and experienced floater?

Beginner would be someone who has never experienced a free flowing stream. Intermediate has some experience paddling in flowing to fast moving water. Experienced would be someone capable of navigating class II to class III rapids with ease and knows the hazards associated with the river at current conditions.

When is the best time of year to float the middle buffalo?

Anytime between the months of March - October peak season being May-July

Where can I check the current water levels?

USGS website, or give us a call at 870-439-2200.

Do you sell fishing licenses?

No, but you can purchase them online at or call 800-364-GAME

Are there places nearby you can drive to the river to swim?

Yes, Tyler Bend, Grinder’s Ferry, and Shine Eye.

Are there any river rules to follow while visiting the Buffalo River?

Glass Containers Are Prohibited. LAW: Except for containers for substances prescribed by a licensed physician, no person shall possess or use glass containers within the banks of Arkansas' navigable waterways, within a vessel. (For purposes of this act "vessel" shall not include houseboat, party barge, johnboat, runabout, ski boat, bass boat or similar craft not easily susceptible to swamping, tipping or rolling.) Fasten Cooler Lids. LAW: All persons entering, traveling upon, or otherwise using Arkansas' navigable waterways by canoe, kayak, inner tube or other vessel easily susceptible to swamping, tipping, rolling or otherwise discharging its contents into a waterway, and transporting a cooler, icebox or container for foodstuffs and beverages shall assure that the container is made to seal or lock in the contents to prevent the contents from spilling into the water. Attach And Use A Mesh Litter Bag. LAW: Carry and affix to the vessel, a container or bag suitable for containing refuse, waste and trash materials and capable of being securely closed. The container or bag shall be of mesh construction. Transport all refuse, waste and trash to a place where the materials may be safely and lawfully disposed of. A container shall not be required for those persons traveling without foodstuffs or beverages. Use A Floating Holder For Beverages. LAW: At all times other than when a beverage is securely contained as in a cooler or litter bag, keep the beverage attached to or held within a floating holder or other device designed to prevent the beverage from sinking beneath the surface of the waterway. "Under 13 Years Old" Life Jacket Requirements. Anyone under 13 years of age must wear a life jacket at all times while in a vessel.

Are there any hiking trails nearby?

Yes, there are hiking trails located around The Tyler Bend Rec area which is located close to our store. There is a trail from Shine eye to Gilbert that is located on the north side of highway 65 bridge. There is a new trail from Grinders Ferry to Gilbert that was completed early spring of 2015. For more info visit

Will I have cell phone service?

Cell coverage is spotty especially in the upper and lower sections of the Buffalo. However in the Middle Section there is pretty decent coverage (at least good enough to send out a text message)

What are the life jacket requirements?

Anyone under 13 years of age must wear a life jacket at all times while in a vessel. We suggest everyone were there life jackets until they are familiar with the river and its changing currents.

Is there an age limit restriction for floating the Buffalo River?

There are no age restrictions.

Are pets allowed on the river?

Pets are allowed, the National Park Service requires them to be kept on a leash while out of boats and vehicles.

What is your reservation policy?

We require prepayment for reservations. We float Rain or Shine unless the river is at dangerous levels or closed.

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds within 21 days of your arrival date, unless the river is closed and we will refund your vessel rental and shuttle. There is a $25 cancellation fee for each reservation. This information is also clearly printed on your reservation confirmation.

How do I properly dispose of waste?

The Buffalo National River is a trash free park, practicing a pack in pack out trash policy. For more information visit:

Where can I purchase adult beverages? Searcy County is a dry county.

The closest liquor store is Blue Water Liquor in Western Grove 18 miles north on Hwy 65. We advise bringing what you need from home.

Did we miss something? Give us a call at 870-439-2200 or email us!