Multi-Day Float Trips


Contact us or National Park Service’s to stay up to date on river conditions.

Shuttle fee’s for floats listed below differ according to your choice of trip. For more information, click here to see our Shuttles Rates

One Night, Two Days

  • Woolum to Gilbert – 20 miles
  • Grinder’s Ferry to South Maumee – 16 miles

Two Night, Three Day

  • Carver to Grinder’s Ferry – 32 miles
  • Grinder’s Ferry to Dillard’s Ferry – 25 miles
  • Carver to Baker Ford – 25 miles
  • Pruitt to Woolum – 26.3 miles
  • Mt. Hersey to Grinder’s Ferry – 25 miles

Carver to Baker Ford
This stretch of river features one of the most popular bluffs along the Buffalo National River, Skull Bluff. When the water is right you can paddle through the eye of the skull. For another view of Skull Bluff, take a hike up to the Narrows, also known as the Narrs by locals. The Narrs bluff is a narrow rim bluff that divides the Richland Creek Valley from the Buffalo River Valley. It is located on the right hand side of the river about a half-mile upstream from Woolum access. You are able to hike up on top of the bluff to get a bird’s eye view of the Richland Valley and the Buffalo National River. Fun fact: The Narrs is the exact mid-point of the Buffalo River.

These are just a few hidden treasures you will find along your way. Be sure to ask our staff about all the things to see and experience while on your Buffalo National River adventure.


Three Nights, Four Days

  • Pruitt to Grinder’s Ferry – 44.1 miles
  • Grinder’s Ferry to Rush – 28.3 miles
  •  Ponca to Carver – 32.8 miles

Four Nights, Five Days

  • Ponca to Woolum – 50.1 miles
  • Grinder’s Ferry to Buffalo City – 52.9 miles

Full River Adventure Excursions, 7-10 Days

There are 132 miles of Buffalo National River to explore beginning at Ponca and ending at Buffalo City. There are many different adventures you can choose to do along the way. You can hike Hemmed-In Hollow to see the largest waterfall between the Mississippi and the Rockies or paddle up Davis Slough and catch a trophy largemouth bass. These are some of the adventures that Buffalo National River has to offer. To plan your trip, please contact us at 800-582-2244.


*These suggestions are always subject to change due to weather conditions and water levels.*

When do we start the adventure?

We will launch for a multi-day trip anytime between the hours of 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. Keep in mind, the earlier you arrive in the morning the faster we can get you started on your adventure. If you have a special launch time in mind, contact us prior to your arrival time to schedule special requests.

Cancellation Policy

Full payment is due at the time the reservation is made. There is a 21 day cancel-by date in order to receive a refund less a $25 cancellation fee; you must cancel at least 21 days prior to your reservation date. If you cancel with-in the 21 days of reservation date it will be non-refundable. All float trips go rain or shine. We do not give refunds for early take outs. In the event of a river closure due to high water levels you will have the option of a reschedule or a refund. A cancellation must be made by phone, rather than email as the latter can be unreliable due to spam filters. Please call us at 1-800-582-2244 to cancel a reservation.

These times are estimated based on the average float conditions and can change due to weather conditions and water levels. If you have a reservation, we will attempt to contact you in the event that water levels are too low or too high to float.