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Autumn at the Buffalo National River

The magic of the River goes on and on, and even so in Autumn.

The green-blue waters of the Buffalo National River become slower, serene. It’s as if the spirit of the water itself knew to slow down and take in the breathtaking scenery along it’s own banks. The cool air calls out the creatures that make this part of the Ozarks home. Otters, beavers, deer, birds and of course the majestic Elk all become more active in the fall air. The creatures lend even more beauty and memorable moments to this, America’s First National River.

What makes the Buffalo River stand apart from the rest? Besides the beautiful Ozark Mountain setting of the river itself, the history of the Buffalo makes it even more extraordinary. Established as the First National River by an Act of Congress in March of 1972, our river is living, moving history. The Buffalo National River is 135 miles of undammed and free flowing waters managed by the National Park Service.

Fall Color Viewing Trips on the Buffalo National River

Tyler Bend to South Maumee. This trip is 17.5 miles, making it perfect for two days in the lower water fall conditions. This stretch of the river is a much-loved classic two day float on the Buffalo National River in St. Joe, Arkansas. Starting at the National Park headquarters for the Middle Buffalo River (Tyler Bend) and ending at South Maumee is one of the most perfect trips in September and October for a secluded, easy float with plenty of towering bluffs and opportunity for wildlife sighting.

Grinder’s Ferry to Dillard’s Ferry. This trip provides a bit more mileage (25.7 miles) and ends further down in the Lower District of the Buffalo National River. There are plenty of places to stop and explore and camp on this trip. Can you picture yourself relaxing by a campfire in the foggy morning air? There’s always something to see: tall bluffs and wildlife are ever present on the banks of the mighty Buffalo River.

Welcome to Buffalo River Outfitters

Buffalo River Outfitters was established in 1986 to serve river goers with quality equipment and lodging to provide the best Buffalo River experience possible. We provide canoes and kayaks for floating the river for one day or many days. Furthermore, our expertly trained staff are here to assist, suggest and give advice for making the best of your time on the Buffalo National River. BRO stands as a headquarters for current river levels and flow information. We will suggest the best trips for the season and conditions. In addition to this, we can also answer questions about what more there is to do right in the area – hiking, swimming, horseback riding, sightseeing and more! Our location is perfect for the avid antique shopper and explorer of tiny towns. We even have an amazing drive-in movie theater just ten minutes from our cabins.

The Best Cabins in the Ozarks

buffalo national river cabin

Our eleven log cabins are beautiful, fully equipped, tastefully decorated, and perfectly located. Buffalo River Outfitter’s clean and cozy lodging is unmatched in the area. We are able to easily accommodate large groups or provide hideouts for intimate getaways. Ten of our eleven cabins have high speed internet and smart tvs. Here you can escape the city bustle but still have the ease of Netflix or news at any time. What’s not to like? Flannel and fireplaces, bonfires and starry skies, the Ozark Mountains and the Buffalo National River. These are all combinations not to be missed.

Whatever is needed, the enthusiastic crew here at Buffalo River Outfitters is here to help. Our only question is – when is your next Buffalo River adventure?

Searcy County Elk Viewing

Did you know that the Buffalo National River is home to Arkansas’ only elk herd? And right here in the heart of Buffalo River Country is where you can find large groups of our beautiful Searcy County Elk.

Where can you see Elk in Searcy County?

One of the best places to view Elk is just a few minutes from our store. Right off the southwest side of Highway 65 between our store and Marshall, Arkansas there is an open field where you can often see a large herd grazing in the distance. In this field is where Searcy County Elk make the most appearances. Woolum access on the Buffalo National River is another popular site to see Elk. In this 2018 season we have even had some sightings of Elk at our Buffalo River Cabins!

How did elk come to be here?

A sub-species of elk called Eastern Elk was originally native to the state of Arkansas. The Eastern Elk population was fully extirpated from the state by the late 1840s. They became completely extinct by the beginning of the 20th century. Elk were re-introduced to the Buffalo National River Corridor in 1981 by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. The Elk Restoration Project placed 112 Rocky Mountain Elk in the Buffalo River region that year. Over 500 descendants of those animals can be found near the Buffalo River today.  

When is the best time to observe Searcy County Elk?

Mating season is usually in late September and early October. This is when the elk are most active. They can sometimes be found crossing roads and rivers, so be cautious. The best practices for viewing Searcy County Elk is to come late in the evening or early in the morning. Right in those golden hours are the best time to see these beautiful animals. 

Want to learn more about Searcy County Elk? Come to the store if you have any questions or comments about our local elk, we would love to help and listen! You can also call us at 870-439-2200, 8-6 every day. Happy Elk watching!